General Questions

What is sanwo?

Sanwo is a revenue assurance platform that has set out to transform the payment experience, facilitate financial inclusion and ensure a 99.9% reliability.

You can get a sanwo card by having Sanwo implemented in your business or being part of an organization that uses the Sanwo platform. For further enquiries please contact us at

Please contact your organization or organizers where the agent is needed.

Please reach us at or call 08035870063 for business purposes.

Sanwo has agents in charge of top-up wherever the Sanwo technology is being used. You only need to provide your Sanwo card/sticker/wristband for top-up. For further enquiries about where these agents are around you, please reach us at

Please reach out to our customer care about refunds on

Specific Questions

What kind of business can Sanwo be used in?

Sanwo can virtually be used in any business, but we currently have solutions for businesses and organizations in the Agriculture, Education, Health, Events, Transportation, Thrift and Internally Generated Revenue.

The sanwo cards come with unique id’s and the id’s can be used to track a missing card. If you have a missing card please reach us at with your card details and we’d be glad to help.